Run Melbourne is an extraordinary event that not only celebrates the spirit of running but also raises much needed funds for multiple charities. With an aim to raise a million-dollars , this huge event is  held in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, has participants running past some of the city’s most iconic landmarks. As the event takes place in the CBD, meticulous planning is crucial to ensure minimal disruptions and safety is upheld. With essential roads closed for the marathon, our team had to work swiftly and efficiently.

Overall, 1300TempFence were contracted to supply and install:

  • 2km x Engineered temporary fence – 54km spec 70%
  • 551m x Temporary Fence
  • 4km x Crowd Control Barriers

What makes the route so special, is also what contributes to the need for meticulous planning. Being in the CBD it is crucial to ensure minimal disruptions and ensure safety is upheld. With essential roads closed for the marathon, our team had to work swiftly and efficiently.

The installation process began in the early hours of Sunday at 3.30 am, with a dedicated team of 6 installation crews and 2 project managers working tirelessly to ensure everything was in place by 5.45 am when the track went live. As soon as the race ended, our crew was back at it, starting the process of bumping out at 11.30 am to ensure that the roads were reopened to the busy Melbourne traffic as quickly as possible.

The event proved to be a resounding success, drawing in a vast crowd and generating an electrifying atmosphere for all marathon participants. The organisers were extremely pleased with the exceptional service provided by 1300TempFence and had this to say,


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A post shared by ASICS Australia (@asicsaustralia)

“We had an incredible experience working with 1300TempFence for Run Melbourne 2023 at Melbourne Olympic Park. The team provided fencing and labour in deploying around 4000m of CCB for the purpose of road closures, risk mitigation and runners directional support.

We needed a solution to address various challenges, including keeping our participants safe from trams, guiding runners along the course, Risk mitigation for Hostile Vehicle Mitigation, creating designated areas for runners at the start line, and ensuring a safe distance between runners and spectators.

What set 1300TempFence apart from other options was their customer service right from the beginning. The team was proactive in planning and communicating with us before the event, ensuring everything was well-prepared and ready for the big day. We appreciated their flexibility in adjusting quantities leading up to the event as well.

On the day of the event, the logistics team was superb in the deployment of barriers. Everything was executed as planned, from the installation to the removal of barriers, thanks to their efficient on-ground team.”

Julie Tedde – Run Motive

We loved helping to support Run Motive in delivering what was an outstanding event and we look forward to working with them again.

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