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1300TempFence, is Australia’s premier supplier of temporary fencing and site security solutions. Over our 25-year history, we have consistently played a pivotal role in supporting the Government sector across the country. With an unwavering commitment to providing premium products and services, we have become an indispensable partner in ensuring the safety and security of various government projects and events.

Government projects often require secure perimeters and the need for quality real-time security monitoring to safeguard construction sites, public events, and other sensitive areas. 1300TempFence offers a wide range of temporary fencing and site security solutions that can be swiftly deployed and customised to meet specific project requirements. Whether it’s controlling access to construction zones, managing crowd flow during public gatherings, or securing government facilities with site security cameras, our reliable temporary fencing and security options are crucial in maintaining order and safety.

We offer a comprehensive range of site solutions to help create a safe and secure work site or event including:

1300TempFence is a trusted partner for the Government sector in Australia, offering unparalleled expertise in temporary fence hire and state-of-the-art site security solutions. By prioritising safety, security, and sustainability, 1300TempFence plays a vital role in supporting the successful execution of various government endeavours across Australia.

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We here at 1300TempFence are proud to be aiding the Brisbane Metro project. With multiple sites across Brisbane, all with their own unique challenges, our QLD team….

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