Ground Protection Mat

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1300TempFence Ground Protection Mats are used to protect grass and soft ground from vehicle tyres and to prevent vehicles from getting stuck in soft ground. 2.4 x 1.2m mats have over 1600 studs on each side; one side provides grip to the tyres, while the other side grips the ground.
They are moulded from a special grade of UV-stabilised recycled polyethylene resin which is designed for long outdoor life. The material used allows the mats to flex without breaking even under the weight of a heavy truck, while being rigid enough to spread the wheel load.

Dimensions:2400 x 1200mm
Material:High-density polyethylene (HDPE)
Capacity:20 tonnes on soft ground up to 40 tonnes on firm ground
Traction:Non-slip traction nubs on both sides
Handholds:4 easy carry handholds

Easy carry handles allow lifting and moving ground protection mat quickly and safely. 1600 traction nubs on each side prevent tyres from slipping and keep mats from sliding on the ground.

Ground Protection Mat connectors attach at the corner holes to hold mats together and prevent them from slipping or moving around under turning vehicles. Our connectors are made from stainless steel in 2-way or 4-way configuration.

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