White Picket Fencing for Hire

When you need to control crowds and make a great impression, quickly and efficiently. Then our white picket fencing system is the answer.

After many years experience gained from working with Australia’s largest event hire companies, we understand the need for fast, simple, and reliable portable fencing to help minimise the time and costs involved in organising functions and events.

1300TempFence white picket fencing are available in 2m and 1m lengths as standard, and can be supplied in custom lengths, if required.

Our white picket fencing has been designed to address the head and limb entrapment issues often found with event portable fencing. The above picture shows a common problem on imported systems where a child’s windpipe can be crushed by the top rail.

1300TempFence white picket fencing is made in Australia, supporting local jobs and enabling fast delivery at very competitive pricing.

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