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With an unwavering commitment to quality and reliability, 1300TempFence partners with mining operations, offering a range of services tailored to enhance safety, security, and efficiency in the challenging mining environment. Providing a pivotal supporting role in the dynamic and demanding needs of the mining industry.

Safety is paramount in the mining industry, and with over 25 years’ experience, 1300TempFence seamlessly provides robust temporary fencing and site security solutions to create secure perimeters around mining sites. These fences act as a crucial deterrent to unauthorised access, preventing accidents and safeguarding personnel, equipment, and valuable resources. Our expertise in supplying durable, weather-resistant fencing ensures that mining operations can continue unhindered even in the harshest Australian conditions.

1300TempFence site specific solutions easily address the unique requirements of the mining sector. Our vast range includes:

We are easily able to adapt our solutions to various mining site layouts and configurations. This adaptability is essential in an industry where operations are frequently relocated or expanded.

The efficiency of mining operations is also enhanced by 1300TempFence’s prompt delivery and installation services. We understand the time-sensitive nature of mining projects and strive to deliver and install temporary fencing promptly, minimising downtime and allowing mining activities to progress seamlessly.

As Australia’s premier provider of temporary fencing solutions, we offer tailored and reliable end-to-end temporary fencing solutions that prioritise safety, security, and operational efficiency in this critical sector.

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