To celebrate this years International Women’s Day theme to #EmbraceEquity, we invited our IT Systems Manager, Alyce Jones to share her personal experience on the challenges and opportunities that arise in embracing equity.

“I love the variety my job gives me, you never know what a day is going to be like, even if it is planned. I make an impact by putting systems and process improvements in place for the day to day running of the business. My current role, IT Systems Manager means I am constantly trying to improve our processes and systems, making sure things are running correctly, testing when they aren’t and implementing any new functionality that we require.

When I started in the business, I was the third Hire Controller to be employed, replacing Gina as she moved into Sales. From there I moved into IT where I configured the computers, set up everyone’s systems, built websites and did some google marketing. After all of that experience an opportunity came up in Hoarding, actually it was a pivotal moment for the company as they were considering shutting down the Hoarding department. I put my hand up to help out and am so lucky I was given the opportunity! I worked to streamline the Hoarding processes, utilising the same systems and processes we already had in place in Hire.

I always say just because you are female, doesn’t mean you can’t! Even in predominantly male dominated fields of Construction & IT I was never intimidated being a female and I’ve never been a person to tie myself to a certain type or job. I think it is important we break down that barrier, constantly learn, ask questions, and have a good work ethic. That is the great thing about 1300, if you have the drive to succeed, you’ll get opportunities to reach your full potential.

Now my clients are you the employees and senior leaders, the users of the systems. We work together on processes and what is needed in the business. Robotics is an exciting component, if there is a repetitive process we think a human doesn’t need to do, we go to the developers, we understand the requirements and test it in real life. Having the experience from Hire, Hoarding and IT means I can relate to the end users experience.

My last piece of advice to anyone… know that everybody makes mistakes, make sure you learn from them and listen to what is going on around you, there is always an opportunity to learn and improve from your peers and leaders.”


“The advice I would give other women in the industry as well as my younger self would be keep driving towards what you want…”

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“When I started here, I was the Hire & Sales Administrator, I still do a lot of the same duties except now I am the Team Leader…”

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“I look at each day as an opportunity to develop my skills as well as share my knowledge I have with others…”

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