Construction Noise: Short term pain for long term gain?

How can Noise Reduction Barriers help?

Ever seen those vinyl ‘blankets’ on temporary fencing and wondered….what do they do?

To put it simply, they reduce construction noise and are called ‘Noise Reduction Barriers’ or Acoustic Sound Curtains.

Here at 1300TempFence we were one of the first companies to introduce this new acoustic technology to the Australian market. But why did we see this as important?

Having over 900kms of temporary fence currently on hire across Australia, we saw the need to offer a product that complements our site security & safety solutions while assisting in solving another one of our client’s problems, to reduce excessive site noise.

As demand in major infrastructure projects and multi-level residential developments continues to grow in the Australian market, there was an inherent need for a practical and feasible noise reduction solution. More and more councils are beginning to crack down on construction noise and these high impact projects usually now require submission of a Noise and Vibration Management Plan (NVMP). Noise Reduction Barriers have therefore become an essential element to assuring councils and the public that you’re making appropriate efforts to reduce noise.

So how do they work?

Constructed from thick vinyl material, each barrier is built with both sound reflecting and absorbing vinyl matting with added acoustic foam to assist with reducing sound reverberation. This combination of materials allows for a flexible lightweight barrier suitable for attaching to temporary structures such as fencing and scaffolding. Each barrier will commonly reduce any airborne construction or machinery noise from 18dBA right up to 40dBA.

See the barriers in action by clicking the video below

Test for Noise Reduction Barriers

I’m personally beginning to assist more and more clients on a weekly basis who are either looking for ways to reduce the noise they’re creating or from the receiver’s end, looking to stop construction noise from getting through their windows. These barriers have perfectly complemented our site solutions range by helping our clients stop noise complaints and adhere to council regulations while also protecting people from the harmful effects of prolonged construction and machinery noise.

James Arnold

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