Traffic Management Solutions

Portable VMS Boards (5 Colour)

Australian made to the highest quality standards featuring large high visibility display and user friendly interface. All VMS Boards are under 1 year old, providing you with a state-of-the-art solution to your traffic management needs.

• Highest quality 5 Colour LED Full Matrix
• 360° rotatable display
• Solar powered & Battery operated
• Environmentally friendly
• Full graphics and animations
• Easy Remote Programming from any Internet enabled PC/Laptop/Tablet/Mobile
• C-Type Display 2730mm x 1850mm

Directional Arrow Boards

One of the most common trailer mounted traffic management product, our Arrow Boards are built in Australia from the highest quality materials. This ensures our Arrow Boards will function in all conditions, helping you get your job done safely.

• Solar power system
• Display Size: 2400mm x 1200mm
• Panel Type: High visibility LED lanterns
• 360° Rotatable Display
• Security Wheel Chains
• Automatic brightness control
• Push button control with LED status indicator

Portable Solar Traffic Signals

1300TempFence’s Portable Solar Traffic Signals are the most advanced and reliable portable traffic signal system in the industry today, incorporating a remote programmable intelligent controller system.

• Solar powered / Battery operated
• Easy operation
• LED lanterns for high visibility
• Interchangable master and slave


PORTABOOM® is a portable boom gate specifically designed for all temporary traffic control scenarios, replacing unsafe stop/slow methods. It is operated by remote control from a safe zone, removing Traffic Controllers from the direct line of traffic. When compared with stop/slow methods and temporary traffic signals, PORTABOOM® is superior in its safety offering due to the physical barrier being in place to protect worksite

• All Terrain Wheels for ease of movement in all conditions
• Re-chargeable battery allowing up to 13,000 cycles
• Physical barrier, protecting the worksite
• Easy to operate remote control, protecting workers
Weight: 95kg

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