Steel Road Barriers for Hire

SafeZone steel road barriers are the world’s first MASH-TL4 Limited Deflection compliant temporary steel barrier system*.

Offering superior protection and maximum performance, this state-of the-art system is expertly designed to absorb high levels of impact energy within its deflection range.

Unlike standard steel or reinforced concrete barriers which when hit transmit the impact force back into the vehicle, SafeZone is built to absorb and dissolve the impact force reducing the risk of severe or hidden damages or injuries and protecting vehicles users, pedestrians and road workers.

  • 20-year lifespan**
  • Lightweight – only 93kg/m
  • Easy installation
  • 46cm x 81cm x 579cm

Lightweight yet solid, they are easily transported, and their simple modular design makes for easy installation and ultra-quick placement, reducing road workers’ unprotected exposure to live traffic. SafeZone Steel Road Barriers can be used as a temporary or permanent barrier on; bridges, work zones, edges of roads, as well as median barriers on highways.

Steel Road Barrier MASH Test (TL3/4 LDS & Standard)

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*SafeZone’s unique and patented system has successfully passed performance tests at MASH TL-3 up to TL-4 Limited Deflection. This means that SafeZone responds well to the impact velocity of a 10-ton truck travelling at 56mph (90km/h) and impacting the barrier at a 15degree angle. **20 year lifespan is a manufacturer estimate based on standard use and conditions