Acoustic Curtain Sales

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Watch this Noise Reduction Test video
(Please turn sound on while watching this video,
must watch 41 second)

Our Acoustic curtains are water resistant, easy to install, lightweight, highly durable and quality guaranteed.

World-Class Noise Reduction Technology – Strong insulated core provides a high absorption performance of up to 28dbs. Double up our Acoustic Sound Curtains for an even greater result.

Whether that’s a multi-billion dollar infrastructure project or housing a generator at a leading music event we are confident that our Sound Curtain will provide the necessary barrier that you require.

Acoustic Sound Curtains - Diagram


Size: 1335mm(W) x 2050mm(H)
Material: High quality PVC combined with water resistant materials
Weight: 7kgs
Finish: Secure hook eyelets with velcro strips


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We also sell Temporary Fencing PanelsCrowd Control Barriers, Shade Cloth etc.

Contact us for more info on our Complete Temporary Fencing System, including temporary fence panels, plastic fence feet & clamps.