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Plastic Fantastic

Safe and functional, and aesthetically pleasing don’t always go hand in hand. When a product delivers all three and is cost effective as well, you know it’s a winner. Melbourne based 1300TempFence is brightening the look of temporary fencing across the suburbs with the use of colourful moulded plastic feet that not only look better but perform better than the traditional concrete alternative.

Director, Martin Fouracre explains “The plastic bases offer our customers a safer, better looking site. They’re easier to use and they last a lot longer. Since we’ve introduced them the response has been fantastic. Our building industry clients have been quick to recognise the safety benefits of having brightly coloured blocks with no sharp edges. There is far less chance of any-one tripping over them, and they like the professional look it gives to their construction site temporary fencing…. The event companies really love the bright colours. It means their patrons are safer and the event temporary fencing looks great which helps with the overall feel of the event.”

Temporary fencing has gained in popularity in Australia and worldwide over the last ten years as the push to reduce workplace accidents, and theft has increased. Its’ great benefit is that with the use of weighted feet or bases there is no need to dig holes or concrete posts in to the ground to support the fence. The traditional concrete block has done the job in the past but it did have its drawbacks. Martin says, “The plastic blocks are designed for the job. The shell is filled with concrete to provide the weight but when the block is upright all you see is smooth colourful plastic. The holes in the shell that receive our temporary fence panels have been engineered to make erection as easy as possible whilst keeping the fence firm and stable…. And the handholds make picking up the blocks much easier than we ever had with the concrete ones. Our installers are getting the fences erected quicker and the customers are finding it far easier when they need to move sections of the temporary fence to do their work.”

With an eye to expanding 1300TempFence across the country Martin and his fellow directors have elected to make a significant outlay to guarantee their customers a safe, quality product that will deliver long term economic benefits.

“Even though they cost more to produce up front, they don’t break like the old concrete ones. We expect we’ll get five times the life out of them for about double the cost of the plain concrete. The customers love them which means we’re attracting more temporary fence hire business and they’re cost effective which is helping our bottom line. It’s great.”

Add a bit of colour to your building site or event fence – contact 1300TempFence on 1300 836 733.