Acoustic Sound Curtains

Our Acoustic Sound Curtains help protect local communities and employees from the harmful effects of excessive noise. Designed using world-leading acoustic technology and leading materials, we provide the most effective temporary sound solution on the market. Our Sound Curtains are lightweight, weatherproof, adaptable to any environment, simple to transport and easy to store.

By moving Acoustic Sound Curtains closer to the source of noise this can improve noise control significantly. Our exclusive Acoustic Sound Curtains have been developed to meet your needs for temporary noise reduction across a wide range of industries.

Whether that’s a multi-billion dollar infrastructure project or housing a generator at a leading music event we are confident that our Sound Curtain will provide the necessary barrier that you require.

Available for Hire or Purchase our Sound Curtains come complete with premium features that provide high performance on your work sites delivering effective results. Our product is:

  • Water Resistant: high performing, high quality PVC combized with water resistant materials ensuring that products don’t gain any excess weight and stay dry
  • Quick Installation: Designed with ease of installation in mind, our Acoustic Sound Curtains are quick and easy to install on all temporary fencing products
  • Quality Guaranteed: We care about quality, that’s why we worked hard to provide a product that meets all legislations and standards
  • Low-Centered: Our curtains lay low to the floor ensuring noise levels are kept lower on your sites
  • Durable Finish: Woven edges, secure hook eyelets and strong materials perfectly combine to deliver a product that will suit your needs perfectly
  • Premium Noise Reduction: Strong insulated core providing a high absorption performance of up to 28dbs. Double up our Acoustic Sound Curtains for an even greater result


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